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Near Lancaster/Palmdale, and the San Gabriel Mountains

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North Los Angeles County, California (Palmdale/Lancaster Area): Most of our properties available are located outside the city limits of Palmdale and Lancaster. We have a variety of properties that range from remote acreage with no improvements to properties that are semi-improved, with some improvements. Our semi-improved properties may have one or more of the following improvements: electric, paved road frontage, county maintained dirt road frontage, or water lines to the property. Each parcel is different, as the parcels are located in different areas of the county. We will provide you with any information we have regarding the improvements or lack of improvements for each parcel. Click here to see a large detailed map of the general area. Click here for information regarding the City of Lancaster. Click here for information regarding the City of Palmdale. Click here for a zoomable, topographical map of the area.

The land is generally raw remote acreage that is primarily zoned for agricultural uses, which generally do allow for a residence to be built on the property. Although the zoning may allow for the building of a residence, there are no utilities, no improved roads, and no homeowner services of any kind on most of the parcels, unless otherwise stated. As is the case with any place in America, PRIOR to the building of a residence; you would have to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and conditions of the County and other governmental agencies.

Use the property to camp, enjoy the great outdoors, hike, hunt, horseback ride,ride offroad vehicles, future speculation purposes, or as an asset to pass on to the children or grandchildren.

The parcels generally are accessed by unimproved dirt roads. Some parcels have no direct road access, but have a dirt road into the general vicinity of the parcels. Other parcels may have paved road access/frontage. Each parcel is different and information is available regarding the access on each of the various parcels.

We have not had surveys done on the properties, unless noted. The approximate cost to survey, by a licensed surveyor, for a parcel in Los Angeles County is APPROXIMATELY $300-$600.00. This is only an approximate amount that can change due to a parcel's location. We can provide names of surveyors that will give an exact quote for any parcel being purchased.

There are no water service lines to the parcels, unless specifically noted. Water on the parcels would be obtained by drilling a well. Because of the number of parcels we have and the various locations, we have no information regarding depth of water, type of water, or the cost to drill a well. We suggest you contact a local well driller if you need any information on wells. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE SUCCESS OF A WELL.

Information on mineral rights varies from parcel to parcel. Most of the parcels have mineral rights, or a portion of the mineral rights. Whatever mineral rights we own will be transferred to the buyer, when the property is deeded.

The annual amount varies on each parcel. You will be given the approximate amount of property taxes charged by the county for the most recent tax year. A good rule of thumb is to figure 1.25% of the purchase price of the property.

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Contact Sam Mills @ (714) 667-7870

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