• Step 1 (Use this form to remit payment amount by credit card).
  This form is to be used for the following Land Transactions Only:
  • Owners of property wanting to make their monthly land payment using their credit card
  • Special land transactions previously approved by Acreage4less.

Your Payment Amount:   $   

NOTE: Do not include the "$" sign when you enter your amount. Use the format example: 300.00 to represent Three Hundred Dollars. Pressing the "Proceed to Step 2" button will take you to the next section of this form. This is the secure order form where you will provide additional information and submit the form to complete your transaction. IMPORTANT: Be sure to include the 3-digit CVV2 code (located on the back of your credit card) in the next part of this form. This is a security measure to protect you and Acreage4less from any fraud.

Please have your land account number or the property I.D. number available when making your payment.

Thank you,