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Located only fifteen miles from Beautiful Casper Wyoming

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Located approximately 15 miles West of Casper & South of Highway 20/26 this property is truly a part of the "OLD WEST". This land is part of a long standing reputable cattle ranching operation. It is best described as grazing land that varies from flat to rolling terrain with hills and valleys. This acreage is raw unimproved land without publicly maintained roads, utilities or other homeowner services of any kind. Click here to see a zoomable topographical map of the area.

Use the property to camp, hunt, hike, horseback ride, graze cattle, build that little "get-a-way", hold as an asset for future speculation purposes, or pass it on to the children or grandchildren. As they say, "LAND; THEY AREN'T MAKING ANY MORE OF IT".

The property is zoned Agricultural (A), which allows, among other uses, "any combination of Single Family Dwellings, mobile Homes, Manufactured Housing, Seasonal Dwelling or Bunk Houses under single ownership, incidental and customary to the primary use and not for rent or lease"

There is legal access from a public road, across all private lands to get to the properties. Although there is access/easements/right of way across the lands, an actual road may or may not exist. If there is no road to the property, you have the right to blade a road to it.

Property surveys:
We have not had surveys done on the properties, unless specifically noted. The U.S. Government surveyed the area at one time, and marked many section corners utilizing brass caps, and/or other types of monument markers. However, over the course of time, the survey markers tend to become covered by dirt, overgrown with vegetation or maybe destroyed. But you can still find many of them, if you know where and what to look for. We will supply you with specific information that will get you to the property.

The owner of the property also owns the domestic water rights for that parcel. Due to the limited number of wells drilled in the area, we have no information as to the depth of water, quality of water, or costs involved in drilling a well. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE SUCCESS OF A WELL. For information, we suggest you contact local well drillers in Casper. You must obtain a permit to drill a well from the State Wyoming Engineering/Water Board (307) 777-7354.

Mineral Rights:
No detailed search was conducted as to the ownership of the mineral rights. The original rancher reserved 50% of the mineral rights that he owned. If he owned any mineral rights, then the remaining 50% will go with the property to the buyer.

Property Taxes:
The annual property taxes are less than $100.00 per year for an entire 160 acre parcel.

Considered by many to be the true heart and sole of Wyoming and the epitome of the "Old West" itself, began as a way station along the Oregon Trail. Just minutes west of Casper is a enormous, old cattle ranch situated on a sage - and - grass - carpeted plains where antelope run free and golden eagles spin giant loops in the sky above. This is wide open country with cotton ball clouds floating in a sapphire blue sky, and providing breathtaking views of the beautiful Casper Mountains. Adjacent to this property is the Goldeneye Wildlife and Recreational Area that includes Burlington Lake. Burlington Lake affords fishing, boating, and camping. This scenic property is both near a city, yet at the same time is in the country.

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Contact Sam Mills @ (714) 667-7870

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