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Located on the beautiful Aspen Highlands Ranch in Natrona County Wyoming

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The parcels are located at the base of Garfield Peak in the Rattlesnake Mountain Range. They are approximately 55 miles west of Casper, in Natrona County Wyoming. Click here to see a zoomable, topographical map of the area.

This property is unimproved raw acreage. It varies from flat range land, to rolling meadows. There are seasonal creeks and streams that run through portions of the Aspen Highlands Ranch, including Wallace creek and Murphy creek. This does not mean any stream or creek runs thru any specific parcel advertised on this site, unless specifically noted. The land is remote, and has no publicly maintained roads or utilities. The Aspen Highlands Ranch area (about 7,000 acres) has approximately a dozen vacation cabins and homes scattered throughout, and are occupied on a seasonal basis (There are no full time residences within the ranch). The people there utilize generators, propane, water wells and cisterns.

Use this property for hiking, camping, horseback riding, hunting (ELK, DEER, ANTELOPE), a vacation cabin, start that dream ranch, or to pass along to your children and grandchildren as an inheritance.

The parcels are accessed via the Murphy Creek road. There is legal access to each parcel.

Many of the parcels have been previously surveyed. However, over the course of time, the survey markers tend to become covered by dirt, overgrown with vegetation or maybe destroyed. But you can still find many of them, if you know where and what to look for. We will supply you with specific information that will get you to the property.

Some wells have been drilled for the cabins in the area, or they utilize cisterns. You can obtain information regarding water wells from the State of Wyoming Water / Engineering office at (307) 777-7354. We do not guarantee the success of a water well and have no estimate as to the costs.

No detailed search for mineral rights was conducted on these parcels.

The annual property taxes are approximately $120.00 per year for a 40 acre parcel.

Click here to view available parcels

Contact Sam Mills @ (714) 667-7870

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